Drying cabinet: DCN005IN0SEH2EV0W5

This premium Heubsch laundry appliance cares for every delicate garment with a gentle hot air drying process. 

Perfect dry every time with 7 automatic and manual cycles.  

UV sterilization for eliminating bacteria.

Stainless steel construction is long lasting and attractive.

Large capacity 5kg sufficient for most family needs.

Powerful and quiet, with numerous safety features, the Huebsch drying cabinet will give you many years of superb garment care.

A luxury lifestyle is wrapped in rich fabrics

Fine fashion garments, soft fluffy towels, pristine tablecloths, crisp bed linen, magnificent curtains and drapes….

Quality fabrics deserve quality care.
But rich silks and satins, exotic wools, soft cotton and finely woven linen are delicate and easily damaged. A professional approach is essential.

The smartest way to care for fabrics is with Huebsch commercial grade laundry equipment in your home.

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